Friday, January 11, 2008

Great story (reprint).........

Yesterday morning, Ernest Wilford went to the Jags facility at 5am to work out like he does every day. He got done about 6:30 and went to a little breakfast place near the stadium, just like he does every morning. The couple who owned the place weren’t there so he asked the young cook where they were. He told them that they’d been a car wreck the night before and were in the hospital. Ernest skipped breakfast and went to the hospital. When he got there, the couple were in stable condition, but being held for more tests. Their 3 kids had been there with them all night. Their Aunt had picked them up the night before and brought them to the hospital but had just left to go home to get dressed for work. Ernest asked the parents if he could take the kid with them. He took them to the Jags facility and let them shower up in the locker room after a long night. He went to the team manager and found some clothes for them to throw on. They followed him to the film room and sat in the back while they broke down tape. They then followed him to practice and sat on the sidelines during practice. After a full at the facility, Ernest went to my Dad’s store and bought the kids and parents jerseys. Of course, when asked what player they wanted, Ernest interrupted the kids and told them they had better answer that question correctly lol. The kids then went home with Ernest and had dinner with him and his wife. After dinner, he got a call saying the parents were being released so he took the kids back to the hospital.

Gaylon Laboa

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